Commercial Documents Attestation

Legalization of Commercial Documents and Power of Attorney.

The commercial wing of the Mission legalizes commercial documents such as Memorandum and Articles of Association, Company Registration Certificate, MLR certificate, laboratory test report for commercial import, opening a bank account, power of attorney for commercial dealings/transaction, etc. These papers are first authenticated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Austria and then need to be submitted to the commercial wing.

Commercial Wing also provides wage earners certificates that are required for commercial purposes subject to the submission of payslips from the designated authority in the country of residence.

Fees for legalization/power of attorney/wage earner certificate is £20.00 per document which is payable only by pay order. For the power of attorney, the passport size photos and photocopies of passports of the persons giving and receiving the power attorney have to be submitted. All the documents first have to be legalized by the Foreign And Commonwealth Office and then will be legalized by the Commercial Wing of the Embassy and Permanent Mission.